Past Shows


8 APRIL – 5 MAY 2019


Photographs of work taken in situ for further images and details please email the gallery

Symbol of Our Dreams by Patrick Altès 2019

Symbol of Our Dreams by Patrick Altes

Mixed media and collage on canvas. 130cm x 150cm  £6,400

PATRICK ALTES Patrick Altès is an international artist who has exhibited extensively around the world from London’s West End to Bahrain. Altès has works in national collections, including the MAMA in Algiers and the MOMA in Oran. Born in North Africa from a Franco/Spanish family, he has lived in South America, South Africa, and, currently, the UK. He is interested in the relationship between the contemporary world and our deeper humanity; the alchemy between consciousness and the unconscious, exploring a personal perception of mythic and archetypal processes that influence a sense of identity, transition  and displacement as well as our perception of reality.

Upcoming in 2019, Altes has a solo show at the Gerald Moore Gallery, London, and group shows in Marseille (Anna Tschopp Gallery) and Helsinki (Uusitalo Gallery). In Autumn 2019, he will present a solo show at A Wave of Dreams Arts Lab in St Leonards-on-Sea.

Totemic Forbidden Vegetables by Liz Finch


Pencil, crayon, ink on paper; wool and card. 56cm x 112cm £2,400

LIZ FINCH  Impossible to categorize, one of our all-time favourite mutli-disciplinary artists. Among notable recent projects, she was part of the momentous 2015 Pace Gallery (Mayfair) exhibition, A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense, celebrating the character and career of art dealer and pioneer, Robert Fraser. In 2020, a documentary about Finch called The Romance of Bricks directed by Nichola Bruce and produced for Transilluminate will be released. In addition, the publication of her artist’s book
Twenty Entities, in early 2020, will be marked by a concurrent one-person show in a West End gallery (details to be released).

We are delighted to announce that in Spring 2020, Liz Finch will present a one-person show at A Wave of Dreams Arts Lab.

Lost I, II & III by Matthew Radford. Oil on Canvas 2019


Lost  I, II & III by Matthew Radford. Oil on Canvas.
Three 31cm x 25cm paintings.  Each £1,600

MATTHEW RADFORD  Matthew Radford has shown widely in Europe and the USA.  He has work in many collections including The Metropolitan Museum New York, Tate St Ives, New York Public Library, Stanford University, Hiscox Holdings, Swire Corporation Hong Kong, Yale Centre for Contemporary Art, Las Vegas Art Museum and Museum Art+Germany. He has taught at Camberwell School of Art, The New York Studio School and was visiting lecturer at The Slade.

“When you enter a painting by Matthew Radford you are introduced to a world of arrested movement, of stillness and silence and slow time.” Peter Ackroyd.

Head Down Duvet by Robert Sample 2019

Oil on board. 107cm (w) x 122cm (h)  £3,200

ROBERT SAMPLE  Robert Sample’s work talks to us about alienation, the ever-widening gap between personal experience and the disorienting and kaleidoscopic chaos of the globalized cultural world around us. The people in Sample’s work neither fit in nor attain spiritual solace. What we see here laid bare is everyone’s struggle for meaning.

Sample shows widely in the UK and France and is currently preparing for a solo show which opens on 12 April 2019 at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich.

Another Time in Fragments VII by Alan Rankle 2009- 2019

Cropped Alan

Unique Iris print on Saunders 300g paper over-painted with oils and watercolour.
91.5cm x 89 cm   £12,000

ALAN RANKLE  Alan Rankle is an artist and curator whose work explores historical, social and environmental issues informed by his interest in the evolution of landscape art. His first solo show was at the Institute of Contemporary Arts London in 1973 while he was still a student at Goldsmiths College. Retrospective surveys of his work have been presented at Gallery Oldham in 2006 and Fondazione Stelline, Milan in 2010.

Recent projects include a prize-winning immersive installation Riverside Suites at the Lowry Hotel, Manchester in collaboration with the designer Veronica Givone and AFK Architects. And, in 2018, two major commissions Not Dark Yet for the Grand Hotel in Nuremberg and Prague Suite for the Intercontinental in Prague.

Untitled by Malcolm Glover 2017

Mal Iceland

Archival giclee print on dibond. 173cm x 60cm. Editioned print of 15.   £700

MALCOLM GLOVER  Malcolm Glover is an established international photographic artist. His work has been purchased for many private collections as well as attracting commissions from numerous public bodies, including hospitals, airports, schools, railway stations and football stadiums. He has been artist in residence within a variety of galleries and museums across the UK. This work is from a series in which Glover used digital technology to produce large-scale constructed, panoramic prints.

In Summer 2019 Glover will present a solo exhibition of video and panoramic photography made in India at A Wave Of Dreams Arts Lab.

Last Swim at Birling Gap by Adrienne Hunter 2019


Charcoal, ink, gesso, spray paint on paper.  150cm x 120cm £600

ADRIENNE HUNTER  Adrienne Hunter is a landscape artist, born in Edinburgh, but resident in Hastings for many years now. She worked as a lawyer for sixteen years before making the big decision to give up Law and pursue her artistic calling. Hunter likes to work on a large scale, mostly drawings on paper using charcoal, gesso, inks, graphite or whatever is to hand, often with a limited palette. She’s interested in the living energy of landscape, particularly on the coast where the landscape is constantly shifting, evolving and eroding, at the mercy of the weather. She is drawn to the power of nature and it’s changing moods and uses an expressive, gestural style to convey her response to it. She has recently been involved in a collaboration with her partner, Nick Snelling (see below) and several more joint projects are in the pipeline

Waves & Horizons Four works by Claudia De Grandi 2019


(from left to right, top to bottom)

i) Waves & Horizons – Graphite #13. Graphite on aluminium.     £2,000
ii) Waves & Horizons – Graphite #14. Graphite on aluminium.    £2,000
iii) Waves & Horizons – Graphite #9. Graphite on board.               £950
iv) Waves & Horizons – Untitled study. Graphite on board.           £950

CLAUDIA DE GRANDI  Brazilian-born artist Claudia De Grandi works primarily in painting and video installation. Originally a classically trained musician, she instigated a series of collaborative visual performances with musicians, including Joshua Tennant.

   Since 2017, De Grandi has focussed on producing paintings (some very large scale) based on her studies and observations of the sea from the shores of East Sussex and Northern California. Her latest series Waves & Horizons was exhibited to critical acclaim at Art Project, Bermondsey, London, in 2018. De Grandi’s works are gaining increasing attention in the international art world, with private collectors in New York, Milan, Tokyo and London. In February 2019, she participated in The New Exhibition, London, curated by Leah Wood.

In May 2019, De Grandi will be at the Venice Biennale, as part of ‘Alive in the Universe’, a collaborative video installation curated by Caroline Wiseman. A solo show is planned for Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan in Autumn 2019.

Late Summer Swim at Birling Gap by Nick Snelling 2019


Oil on board. 136cm x 100cm   £1,200

NICK SNELLING Nick Snelling approaches his monumental subject matter from an unorthodox perspective, immersing himself in the aqueous landscape, submerging and emerging as he swims around the headland at Birling Gap. He uses an underwater video camera to provide reference material back in the studio in the form of flip books using extracted sequences. Snelling is drawn to these cliffs because of how their immense solidity interacts with the movement of the waves, creating an impression of their being engulfed and dislodged by the volume of water. Snelling explores the liminal space of the shoreline where sky, land and sea meet endlessly interacting as reflections in the sea.

In March 2019, he collaborated with his wife, artist Adrienne Hunter (see below), on a joint exhibition at the blackShed Gallery in Robertsbridge and later in the year there will be another collaborative show, exploring landscapes farther afield, at the 116 Gallery in Tenterden.

The Illusion of Democracy VII by Kirsten Reynolds 2016


                                      Oil and acrylic paints on canvas. 104cm x 76cm £1,300

KIRSTEN REYNOLDS  Kirsten Reynolds is an English artist whose current work uses photography, painting, printmaking and sound / light installation to re-interpret classical themes relating to landscape, nature and the human spirit. Preferring to work off the beaten track, Reynolds chooses significant locations to make nocturnal light drawings that capture dynamic traces of the artist’s movements in response to each specific landscape. Whilst this technique has been much used over the years in both science and the arts, Reynolds has developed a unique approach and her background in experimental music and sound art makes her intuitive physical response to the chosen location both compelling and powerful. The work in this show is part of an ongoing series of paintings which respond to the photographic works, presenting a visual dialogue.

Scudding by Germaine Hampton 2006


Oil on Canvas. 51cm x 36cm   £2,700

GERMAINE HAMPTON London-based artist Germaine Hampton studied painting/theory at Central St Martins College of Art and Design 2000-2002 and has exhibited regularly, in both solo and group shows.
Her work is in private collections in London, France, Germany and Kenya.

Claws (studies) by Siobhan Stanley 2019


Triptych. Oil on canvas. 90cm x 31cm  £600

SIOBHAN STANLEY  After rigorous training as a dancer, Siobhan Stanley was for ten years a Soloist with Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet and subsequently explored the world of contemporary dance with Rambert Dance Company. In the last 7 years, Stanley has finally sought to explore a long-standing interest in fine art, drawn once more to the discipline and tradition of a classical training. Within the classical traditions of representational painting (she studied at The Florence Academy of Art, Charles Cecil Studios and The London Atelier of Representational Arts) Stanley has positioned contemporary themes and modern human subjects – the result is challenging, thought-provoking and… beautiful! See the blackShed website for images of Stanley’s solo show there in early 2019.

Claws (Studies) is from Stanley’s new series of small-scale still life painting inspired by her recent move to St Leonards.

God Only Knows by Michael Boothby 2019


God Only Knows by Michael Boothby. Oil on Canvas. Diameter 84cm £525

MICHAEL BOOTHBY Typically modest,Boothby has this to say about his work today (having moved to Hastings 30-odd years ago): “I am inspired by the view from my windows; the ever-changing shapes and colours of sea and sky have taken over from all other influences on my art”.

Automatic Anthropomorphic series (Succubus, Pensive, Muse)
by Tom Healey 2018


(Top down) Succubus, Pensive, Muse.
Oil and acrylic (chalk) on canvas. Three 21cm x 29cm paintings, each £150

TOM HEALEY These three bold paintings are by talented newcomer 17 year-old Tom Healey, who is also a committed musician. The works, he says, “express the creative process of making music”.

Avalanche I & II by Haydn Ackerley 2018


Avalanche I by Haydn Ackerley. Oil on fabric. 24cm x 24cm £250
Avalanche II by Haydn Ackerley. Oil on fabric. 25cm x 28cm £250

HAYDN ACKERLEY Still in his teens, Haydn created this diptych on the subject of adolescent vulnerability following an operation on his jaw which led to a period of intense swelling: “my appearance was made to feel new, exciting, and something to document.” Later on in the same year, he broke his nose in ‘an altercation with a car’ which once again altered the appearance of his face, giving the portraits even more meaning for him.
Other than visual art, Haydn’s usual creative output is through his band, Jung Minds.